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medicare part d
medicare part d
medicare part d

How Can I Find a Health-Care Provider Who Accepts a Medicare Plan from Humana?


How Can I Find a Health-Care Provider Who Accepts a Medicare Plan from Humana?

Humana is a private insurance company that contracts with Medicare to offer health insurance options, including Medicare Advantage plans and separate Part D health insurance plans.

If you are enrolled in a Humana Medicare Advantage plan, it may be important to get your care from providers who accept your plan. Here’s what you need to know to find providers who participate in Humana’s Medicare Advantage plans.

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Medicare Advantage (Medicare Part C) offers another way to receive your original health insurance benefits (Parts A and B) from Medicare approved private insurance companies under the name Humana. A Medicare Advantage Plan must provide the same coverage as the original Many types of medical costs are tax-deductible. For example, under US tax law, you can deduct Medicare expenses (including premiums) that exceed a certain percentage of your income. If you have questions about the Medicare Part B bonds you can expect to pay and your right to financial support, talk to one of our licensed agents today. Our agents discuss your Medicare options and help you find a plan that works for you. 

 (except for palliative care, which is still covered by Part A) and may offer additional services and benefits. You will be required to pay the Health Insurance Part B premium, along with any Medicare Advantage premium, plus copays, co-insurance and deductibles.

How Can I Find a Health-Care Provider Who Accepts a Medicare Plan from Humana

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Why do I need to use doctors who accept Humana’s Medicare Advantage plans?

Human’s Medicare Advantage is planning a contract with a network of health care providers, including physicians, specialists, therapists, hospitals, laboratories, imaging centers and outpatient centers, to reduce health care costs to members. Depending on the plan in which you are registered, you may need to obtain all of your care (except for necessary emergency care) from Humana Medicare providers. For example, if you sign up for a Humana Medicare Advantage HMO plan, you may need to choose from a network of doctors for your care; with a Humana Medicare Advantage PPO (Patient Provider Organization) plan, you can usually choose any doctor who accepts Medicare, but you can pay less for your care.

care you receive from health care providers on the network. For example, when you receive your health care from a network provider, your amount of copay or co-insurance is generally considered to be the full payment of your health care expenses (may be subject to any applicable plan deductible).

If you remove your attention from the network, your costs may be higher than the amount contracted with network providers. In some cases, the co-insurance rate may also be higher for off-grid providers. If you normally pay 20% of your online fees, for example, you may have to pay 50% for the off-grid fee. In addition, some off-grid health care expenses may not contribute to your plan’s deductible expenses.

How do I find health-care providers in the Humana Medicare Advantage plan’s network?

If you are already registered for one of Humana Medicare Advantage plans, you can visit this page on Humana’s website, which has a medical research tool, as well as forms and other guides you may need to manage your plan.

If you are comparing different options for Humana’s Medicare Advantage diet and want to see if your current doctor is on the Humana network, you can use the doctor search tool above, which has a “Just Looking” option that does not require a member ID to search for providers.

There is also a MyHumana mobile app for iPhone and Android devices that allows you to search for healthcare providers who are on the Humana network using your smartphone or other mobile device.

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Do I need to use in-network providers with Medicare Supplement plans?

If you choose to stay with the original health insurance plan (Parts A and B), you may also be able to register for a health insurance supplement plan to help you pay the original health insurance costs. Different health insurance supplement plans (Medicap) pay different amounts of these costs, such as co-payments, co-insurance and deductibles. Medicare supplement plans differ from Medicare Advantage plans and separate plans in Part D of Medicare. Medicap (Medicap) plans work in conjunction with Original Medicare and generally do not require you to use network providers to access your benefits. However, some types of health supplement plans (known as Select Medicare plans) have supplier networks that may need to be used.

It is important to remember that the Medicare Supplement plans apply only to expenses incurred for services covered by the original health insurance plan. Generally speaking, your health insurance supplement plan cannot be used to pay for routine vision or dental care, hearing aids, prescription drugs or long-term care in a nursing home. There may be other exclusions and limitations, so check out your plan brochure if you have questions about your coverage.

A good time to enroll in a Medicare supplement plan is usually the period of registration for the Medicare Supplement. As noted above, Medicare supplement plans do not include prescription drug coverage. If you need help covering prescription drug costs, you may wish to consider registering for a Humana Independent Medicare Part D plan. Registration open in the fall is the open enrollment period for Medicare Advantage and Medicare Prescription Drugs coverage.

If you have any questions about your health insurance plan options, feel free to call us at the number below and talk to one of the eHealth Registered Insurance Agents. Off-grid or non-contractual providers are not required to treat Humana members except in cases of emergency. To decide whether Humana will cover an off-grid service, we encourage you or your provider to ask Humana for a prior decision from the organization before receiving the service. Please call Humana’s customer service number or see your Proof of Coverage for more information, including cost-sharing that applies to off-grid services.

Find Medicare Plans in 3 Easy Steps

We can help get up to $0 monthly premium Medicare plans

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