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medicare part d
medicare part d
medicare part d
medicare part d

What is a Medicare Medical Savings Account Plan?


examples of medicareAnother kind of Medicare Advantage plan to consider is the MSA, or Medicare Medical Savings Account (Part C). If you’re looking for more control over your health care spending and decisions, this sort of plan may be right for you. The freedom that comes with it comes with certain duties, as well.

A Medicare MSA plan is divided into two sections.

  1. In a separate savings account with the bank

  2. A plan with a high deductible

The Medicare Savings Account Plan Special Bank Savings Account

Like any other bank savings account, the Medicare MSA’s savings account is self-managed. It’s a big distinction because the account is funded by Medicare, rather than by you.

Each beneficiary in a Medicare Advantage plan receives a fixed amount of money from the federal government. The money is subsequently used to cover the Medicare-covered portion of the plan member’s medical expenses.

An MSA plan provides you with a savings account in which the plan provider deposits all of the money it receives from the federal government. Rather than the insurance company paying for your medical expenses, you are now in charge of any Medicare-covered expenses. Up to the plan deductible, you are responsible for the full cost of Medicare-covered services.

Tax-free withdrawals for eligible medical costs are allowed from this account. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) defines what constitutes a “qualified cost” (IRS). Part A and B of Medicare, as well as non-covered expenses, are included in this.

Each year, the plan receives money from Medicare and deposits it into your account. The quantity is not fixed and might change at any time. Interest and investment income are tax-free, and the funds can be carried over from year to year.

In a Medicare MSA, you are not allowed to deposit your own money. Taxes and penalties are imposed on funds withdrawn and utilized for non-qualified expenses.

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examples of medicareThe MSA High-Deductible Health Plan

Medicare MSA plans generally:

  • Include all of the services that Original Medicare (A and B) provides.

  • Any clinician who accepts Medicare will be able to see you

  • You continue to pay your monthly Medicare Part B premium regardless of whether or not premiums are charged.

  • Do not include prescription drug coverage; you can purchase a separate prescription drug plan on your own as an alternative (Part D)

Medicare MSA plans are distinguished by their high deductibles. It is possible that the annual deductible is greater than the amount of money that Medicare will deposit into the savings account. If you use up all of your funds before you’ve reached your deductible, you’ll need to be prepared to make up the difference.

Expenses for covered services are paid in full once the deductible is satisfied. The deductible is the plan’s maximum out-of-pocket cost. There must be an annual deductible for all Medicare Advantage plans.

For the purposes of computing the deductible, withdrawals from an insured’s savings account will be applied. Amounts used for other eligible medical costs will not count toward your deductible if you use them.

Find Medicare Plans in 3 Easy Steps

We can help get up to $0 monthly premium Medicare plans

health care expensesDecide If a Medicare MSA Plan Is Right for You

For those who want more control over their health care spending and decisions, Medicare MSA plans may be an option. For plan participants, understanding how the savings account and deductible function, managing their medical bills and keeping proper records of health care expenditures are all important aspects of their plan’s financial management.

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