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medicare part d
medicare part d
medicare part d

Is Simponi Aria Infusion Covered by Medicare?

Is Simponi Aria Infusion Covered by Medicare?
Is Simponi Aria Infusion Covered by Medicare?

Navigating the complexities of Medicare coverage can often seem overwhelming especially for treatments like Simponi Aria infusions. In this guide we’ll clarify whether Medicare supports this medication ensuring you have the necessary information to manage your health care effectively.

Understanding Simponi Aria

Simponi Aria also known as golimumab is a medication for treating inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis psoriatic arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis. It targets and blocks a protein in the immune system that causes inflammation. But many are left wondering is this treatment covered by Medicare?

Medicare Coverage Details for Simponi Aria

Medicare Part B

Medicare Part B typically covers outpatient health care including doctor visits and medications administered in a clinical setting. Since Simponi Aria is administered via infusion it falls under Part B. For Medicare beneficiaries Part B may cover these infusions once the deductible is met. Post-deductible Medicare usually handles 80% of the approved amount for the drug while you’re responsible for the remaining 20%.

Medicare Part D

In certain situations medications like Simponi Aria could also be covered under Medicare Part D depending on prescription specifics and how the drug is dispensed. It’s crucial for seniors to review their Part D plan formulary to see if Simponi Aria is included and understand the associated costs.

Importance of Prior Authorization

To have Simponi Aria infusions covered a prior authorization might be required. This ensures the treatment is medically necessary as per Medicare standards helping to confirm coverage and manage costs.

Insights from an Expert

Henry Beltran owner of Medicare Advisors Insurance Group highlights the importance of understanding your coverage:

“Navigating Medicare can be challenging especially with specialized treatments like Simponi Aria. Always check with your healthcare provider and insurance advisor to make sure you’re fully aware of what your plan covers and the potential costs involved.”

A Personal Take on the Impact of Coverage

Imagine living with the constant pain and stiffness of rheumatoid arthritis where even simple tasks are daunting. Now picture a treatment that significantly eases your symptoms and enhances your quality of life. That’s the potential of Simponi Aria. Knowing that Medicare may cover this treatment can bring significant relief and security.

Empowering Yourself with Knowledge

Being well-informed about your Medicare options and the details of your coverage enables you to make better health decisions. It’s not merely about managing costs—it’s about taking control of your health and securing the necessary treatments without undue financial burden.

Additional Resources

For more detailed information on Medicare coverage and to better understand your health insurance options consider visiting these trusted sources:

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Simponi Aria infusions can significantly improve the quality of life for many and knowing that Medicare provides coverage under specific conditions is reassuring. Always ensure you have the correct coverage details and necessary authorizations to manage your health proactively and efficiently.

For seniors dealing with chronic conditions understanding how to use your Medicare benefits for treatments like Simponi Aria is essential for maintaining a fulfilling life.


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