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Best Dental Insurance in New Mexico: Comparison and Plan Review


If you’re looking for the best dental insurance in New Mexico, you’ll find that numerous firms offer a wide choice of dental coverage. But how can you know which dental insurance is best for you?

It’s vital to complete your homework before choosing a choice. Having the correct dental insurance may substantially lower your out-of-pocket expenses when you want dental treatment, so it’s well worth the effort to thoroughly examine your options.

We’ve already done some of the legwork for you by searching through the finest dental insurance plans available and putting together this resource to help you acquire the best dental insurance in New Mexico.

This resource guide will help you select the ideal dental plan in New Mexico and address the questions you may have, including:

  • Is New Mexico covered by dental insurance?
  • What to think about before buying a dental insurance plan
  • Insurance companies in New Mexico with the best dental coverage
  • There is no waiting time for dental insurance.

Hopefully, the information provided below will help you make an informed decision about which dental insurance plan is best for your needs.

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Types of dental insurance in New Mexico

There are a wide variety of dental insurance options available. There are, however, three primary options for private dental insurance in New Mexico:

PPO plans: Preferred Provider Organization is what PPO stands for. As a result of their high level of adaptability and comprehensiveness, they account for the vast majority of dental insurance plans now on the market. They are, however, the most expensive option.

DHMO plans: Plans offered by DHMOs (Dental Health Maintenance Organizations) are less expensive, but they come with fewer options. You may be obliged to use only one dentist for all of your dental care under this plan.

Dental Discount Plans: You can save a lot of money on dental treatment if you use dental savings plans, which are commonly referred to as dental insurance. You may be able to save money on your dental care with these programs that are not dental insurance.

What features to look for in a dental insurance plan

new mexico dental insurance
What is the most cost-effective individual dental insurance plan available in New Mexico?

Each dental plan provider has a unique set of features that make this process time-consuming. The following are some of the most important things to keep in mind when searching for dental coverage:

Cheap vs. useful

In New Mexico, you may be seeking the lowest dental insurance plan, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best option. With the right treatment plan, you may save money by paying an additional premium to get more coverage. Consider the following costs before making a decision:

  • Annual or monthly premium: Regardless of whether or not you file a claim, you are still responsible for this fee.
  • Deductible: Before your insurance company will reimburse you, you must pay this sum out-of-pocket. Once a year, this cycle is reset. Some dental insurance policies, on the other hand, impose a deductible that remains in effect for the duration of your coverage. The deductible fee may not apply to all procedures.
  • Co-pay: If you have insurance, you’ll only have to pay a portion of this fee per treatment. In other cases, such as preventive care, a patient may not be required to make a co-payment at all.
  • Yearly maximum: A dental insurance policy’s annual maximum benefit is the most money it will ever pay out in one year.

If you don’t know what kind of dental work you’ll need in the future, it can be tough to strike the right balance between all of these elements to get the most affordable dental plan.

As a general rule, paying a cheap premium for preventative and basic coverage may be preferable if your teeth are in great form and you’ve only ever needed minor dental work.

full coverage dental insurance new mexico
Look for dental plans with no waiting period if you need treatments right away

Investing more money upfront in a more comprehensive dental insurance policy may save you money in the long run, though, if your oral health isn’t great.

Dental insurance in New Mexico with no waiting period

If you need immediate dental care, look for plans that don’t impose a waiting period. A root canal, for example, may necessitate an expensive co-payment or a higher premium, even if the procedure is covered by your insurance. In the long run, though, it may be less expensive than having to pay for the entire repair out of your pocket.

Humana’s dental insurance policies are among the best in the industry, and there is no waiting period for any significant services. Dental plans like Delta Dental, for example, have no waiting periods. However, a copayment is still required for much dental insurance.

Dental tourism may be an alternative if you can’t find immediate coverage that matches your needs. You can save up to 70% on dental care by just crossing the border into Mexico. Dental implants, crowns, and other pricey procedures can be made more affordable using this technique.

Comparing the best dental insurance plans in New Mexico

New Mexico residents can choose from a range of dental plans, each with its unique set of benefits. For you to begin considering your options, we’ve gathered the most popular. Reviews from previous customers might also help you get an idea of the company’s customer service and claims process.


Humana dental insurance New Mexico

New Mexico residents can choose from a variety of dental plans offered by Humana.

Dental Discount Plan

The dental savings plan charges a monthly fee in exchange for discounts at network providers. This dental insurance plan has no waiting period, so if you need treatment right away and don’t want to commit to a high-priced PPO plan, this can be a fantastic alternative.

Preventive care like cleanings and checkups are included under this plan, as are discounts on more extensive procedures like root canals and oral surgery. Orthodontics is covered by up to 20% of the insurance policy.

Humana’s PPO plans

Humana’s PPO options in the state of New Mexico are numerous. Dental insurance policies allow you to choose any dentist you like, but going to one of their suggested network dentists will save you money.

Humana’s PPO plans include perks for customers who stay with the company over time. There are yearly maximums that increase while you continue on dental insurance.

Individuals typically pay a lifetime deductible of $50, while families pay a deductible of $150. Regular cleanings, exams, x-rays, fillings, and extractions, all of which are preventive, do not require a waiting period of any kind. There is a three-month delay for major treatments.

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Delta Dental

Delta Dental insurance nm
Delta Dental insurance New Mexico

Dental insurance plans from Delta Dental of New Mexico are available to fit every need or budget.

Delta Dental Core:

Per individual, this dental insurance plan offers a yearly cap of $1,000. After you’ve paid your $50 deductible, all treatments are covered at 50%. A six-month waiting period for basic treatments and a 12-month waiting period for significant procedures apply to preventive care.

Delta Dental Enhanced Plan

Diagnostic and preventative care are both covered in full under this Delta Dental plan. It’s 80% for basic services, with 50% for major services. As with the Core plan, the annual maximum and waiting period is the same.

Delta Dental Coral and Turquoise plans

There are many levels of difficulty for each of these designs. The more time you spend on the plan, the more perks you accrue. During the first year, 80 percent of preventive therapies are covered by the Coral plan, 90 percent in the second, and 100 percent in the third. Staying with these plans for a longer period increases the percentage of basic and major services covered, as well as your annual maximum benefit.

Delta Dental Chile plan

The Chilean plan has a yearly cap of $2,000 per person. Dental implants and other important services are not subject to a waiting period under this plan. An additional $50 fee applies. Basic services are covered 80% of the time, while significant services are covered 50% of the time.

It’s a good alternative if you need quick treatment and you’re seeking a dental insurance plan with no waiting time.


Type of plans offered



PPO, dental discount plans

  • Plans with no waiting period

  • Dental savings plan


Delta Dental


  • Large dentist network

  • A wide rage of plans for every budget


Details correct at time of writing; check with the insurer for current and complete policy details.


Because everyone’s dental requirements and budgets fluctuate, there isn’t a single dental insurance plan that fits everyone.

In general, the dental needs of younger people differ from those of older people. As a result, there are dental insurance plans specifically designed for seniors or certain services, such as orthodontics. Additionally, you may wish to consider a combined plan that includes both dental and health insurance.

We checked the availability of New Mexico’s finest dental insurance plans in the state’s largest cities, such as Albuquerque, Las Cruces, and Rio Rancho, before making a recommendation. Other dental insurance companies, such as Guardian Direct, Metlife, Renaissance Dental, NCD Dental, Ameritas, or Nationwide, may be available depending on where you live.

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