Enrolling in Medicare with retiree insurance

Enrolling in Medicare with retiree insurance

A type of health insurance that an employer may offer to former workers is retiree insurance. Medicare almost usually outplays retiree insurance. This means that in order to have complete coverage, you must join Medicare. Once you become eligible for Medicare, certain retiree policies mandate that you enroll in Parts A and B.     […]

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At Medicare Advisors, your information is kept completely confidential and is safeguarded as confidential patient information in accordance with federal HIPAA regulations. It will never be shared or distributed.

STEP 1 – After submitting your data through our site, it is securely transmitted to our internal client data portal.

STEP 2 – Only the agents you work with have access to your data.</p >

STEP 3 – Regardless of whether you sign up for a policy through us or not, we keep strict internal and external safeguards around your personal data. Your data never leaves our systems for any reason.